PAXitis lite

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For the autocrosser who is looking for a basic solution to keep track of their times, PAXitis lite is the solution.

PAXitis lite allows you to easily enter times and penalties and will calculate the resulting PAX/RTP time or the real time based upon the driver's class.

PAXitis lite will also compare times that you've entered to show the position and real time behind first place.

If you want more information about each drivers' runs, simply rotate the iPhone or iPod Touch to landscape mode, and PAXitis lite will also display the driver raw time and best scratch time.

In addition, PAXitis lite supports time entry in either portrait or landscape modes, to make it easier and quicker to enter times and penalties accurately.

Unlike PAXitis, PAXitis lite only supports the pre-entered current year's PAX values and a single driver list.

PAXitis lite can be upgraded from the Preferences screen to have the same functionality as PAXitis, so try PAXitis lite and if you need the upgraded functionality, simply upgrade!