Who are we?

Austin-Soft is based upon the user-centric approach to software design: designing software that helps users solve their problems and not including "extra fluff" that makes software hard and time-consuming to use. It is primarily built around the beliefs of our founder—Glenn L. Austin—that software and hardware should be designed to be easy to use and not require a bevy of IT professionals to train and support the products. 

Glenn Austin started working on computers in 1976, developing some of the first in-store demo software for microcomputers and moving on to working for Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, Symantec, Microsoft, and others. Glenn developed some of the earliest, inexpensive massive multiprocessor systems at a time when multi-processing was reserved for research and clients with unlimited resources. He studied both technology and psychology to became one of the most knowledgeable user experience engineers in the industry—and is leading the industry into the future, where technology is used to improve lives and make lifestyles more "fun."