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As a developer, you get to see all of the problems with your code. Sometimes those problems result in crash logs that just contain the un-symbolicated addresses. Trying to figure out where the crash occurred is difficult, making it more so is the fact that you have the record of the crash but no details — but you have the source code that built that version. What to do?

That's where ReSymbolicator comes to the rescue.

Now, as long as you can rebuild the application with debug symbols, ReSymbolicator can give you the idea where your code had problems. Unlike other symbolication tools, ReSymbolicator allows you to specify which debug symbols (dSYM) to use to symbolicate your crash logs.

Just open a crash log file in ReSymbolicator and it will take it from there.

Version 2.0

  • Re-written to support all Mach-O debug symbol formats directly within the application without requring Xcode tools
  • Now supports crash logs from iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS