AXAnalyst - Your Autocross Coach

We are rebuilding AXAnalyst from the ground up, and this time we're building our own hardware. No more compromising on the availability or quality of the data

AXAnalyst goes far beyond data acquisition, since it actually does analysis on the data, using proven artificial intelligence routines to detect anomolies (otherwise known as errors) in the run and suggest ways to reduce — or eliminate — those errors in yor driving, and help you shave time off of those autocross runs!

There are a lot of data acquisition products out there. Data acquisition is easy to sell, since everyone knows that they need data to determine where and how they need to improve. However, having the data doesn't mean that you have the information you need to get better. Professional drivers employ professional race engineers to tell them where their errors were, data acquisition is only a tool, like a hammer or screwdriver. AXAnalyst acts as your race engineer, deternining where your run was less-than-optimal, and showing you where those errors were. Once you know where your errors are, you can improve!

The great thing about AXAnalyst is that you don't need two drivers — or even two runs — to determine how you can go faster! All you need to do is eliminate your errors. However, you need to know where those errors are. That's what AXAnalyst does — it takes the data that you've recorded, analyzes it looking for places where you've made errors, then will highlight those errors.

AXAnalyst does this by providing a "two-minute analysis" that can be done even between runs. Simply start the download of your run's data to AXAnalyst (it can read the data from the GTechPro directly or record raw GPS data), and take care of your normal post-run tasks. Come back to find the data downloaded and the analysis on your computer screen! From there, slice-and-dice the data as you want, or open a previous run in the same window to do a side-by-side comparison – complete with analysis of which run is slower, and by how much at every single point on the run!

AXAnalyst even gives you your calculated 60-foot time and speed, if that is important for you!